Creative. Encourager. Business- & Bridge Builder.

I find joy in serving others in my role as a creative, encourager, business- and bridge-builder. I am driven by God’s love to shine His light in this world.

I am passionate about my country, Nigeria. I love and believe in it, and my life goal is to channel that love into making a positive impact by spotlighting all that’s good and wonderful about Nigeria.

I am the founder of Tani Series, a publishing company building a world of dreamers and doers. Writing, travel, the Bible, photography, medical & legal dramas, & worship music are a few of my favourite things.


I often pull out my phone to photograph the seemingly mundane because I enjoy looking at and thinking about God’s beautiful creation. Growing up in Ibadan, Nigeria, I loved reading books about people, places, and cultures. Now, through Tani Series, I bring together my interests in art, literature, culture, and history, to share creative stories that will inspire children and inquisitive adults. Through all I do, I preserve the works of past generations as I impact current and future generations.

I have been blessed with a thriving career and rich experiences. Along the way, I benefited from being mentored by a number of people who generously gave of their time, knowledge, and skills. When I think about the future, I know that I want to see more young Nigerians enriched with wisdom and guidance so that they can drive growth and contribute their best to the world. All this inspires me to empower others professionally, spiritually, and personally through High Impact Mentorship (HIM) Program, a mentorship network I set up in 2019.

Cultural History




I love potatoes—air fried, baked, roasted or mashed—but, of course, there’s more to my interest in nutrition and wellness than finding healthy ways to eat potatoes. Over the years, I have seen the effect of food as an important component of wellness. With my love for all things Nigerian, I became interested in how to present our food and spices in healthy, nutritious ways that benefit us daily.

While wellness started as a personal nutrition-focused journey for me, it has evolved to include mental wellness, and is now one of the ways I serve the world. In 2014, I co-founded Oh So Nutrition, which opened the market for healthy food options in Lagos, Nigeria. For 7 years, it revolutionised Nigerian cuisine as healthy options. I am constantly thinking about how my actions and outputs can contribute to the wellness and health of others.

My Work